Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


The copyrights related to any content (textual, visual and audio materials, databases and program code) belong to VITANA TREJD DOOEL Skopje or they are used with prior written permission by the copyrights’ holder and the holder of the rights for trademarks and/or designs. Any copying, distribution, transfer, publishing, connection, deep connection or any other modification of this website without prior written permission issued by VITANA Trejd is strictly prohibited.

VITANA Trejd Skopje administrates this website in its offices in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. In case of access to this Internet website outside the borders of the Republic of North Macedonia, the local applicable laws in the country of access must be followed. The terms and conditions of this website are interpreted pursuant the Republic of North Macedonia laws.

VITANA Trejd DOOEL Skopje publishes the information and documents related to the products subject to sale, or other written materials, on its website vitana.mk for informational purposes only.

The Internet website does not contain medical / health / other advice. The information on this website is educational and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. The utilization of such information is complete subject to liability to the information users.

All information on our Internet website vitana.mk is published with good intention, provided from reliable sources and shared in order of informing the users. However, we cannot provide any type of assurance (written or oral) regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, confidentiality, availability or completeness of the information shared on our website. The contents of the website vitana.mk should be interpreted based on the original texts, without any alteration. These websites may be altered regardless of the will and control of the Company. Hence, unless otherwise provided by the Law, the company is not liable for the accuracy, authenticity, timeliness or contents of the information, documentation or other materials published on the Internet websites.

The Internet website vitana.mk may contain (or you may be referred to) links of other websites or contents belonging to or originating from third websites or links to internet pages, banners or any other type of advertizing. These external links have not been analyzed, monitored or verified regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, confidentiality, availability or completeness.

The Internet website vitana.mk may contain testimonials by the users of our products/services. These testimonials express the actual experiences of the users and their personal opinions. It should be taken into consideration that these are personal experiences of those individuals and are not necessarily applicable to all the cases of our products and services utilization. We would like to emphasize that the individual results may vary at different users. The standpoints and opinions contained in the testimonials belong to the individuals expressing them and do not necessarily reflect our standpoints and opinions.

The testimonials are not intended, nor should be considered as assertions that our products/services may be used for diagnosing, treatment, prevention, healing or in any form to be used during a condition of illness or medical treatment. We do not provide any clinical analysis or evaluation of the testimonials.

VITANA Trejd DOOEL Skopje states that by browsing the company’s internet pages and submission of data you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

VITANA Trejd DOOEL Skopje holds its rights to alter these policies and conditions at any time, whilst presenting the alterations on this page.

Privacy policy and personal data protection


The privacy policy and the personal data protection represent a priority to VITANA Trejd DOOEL Skopje.

The company takes all the necessary measures for personal data protection pursuant the applicable legal regulations of the Republic of North Macedonia. Vitana.mk shall use the personal information pursuant the Law on Personal Data Protection as well as other respective regulations of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The customer guarantees the accuracy of the entered information. Vitana.mk does not bear any liability in case of inaccurately entered information.

Safety policy and personal data protections of the electronic card users


The payment for products on our internet website may be realized by all credit/debit cards from the brands MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, VISA and other cards issued by domestic banks authorized for organization of their acceptance.

While using our services for online shopping, the customer enters the data on the website of the processing centre of Stopanska Banka AD Skopje that processes the transactions for online payment, respecting all necessary requests for secure payment accomplishment. SSL certificate of 128 bits issued by an authorized company shall be used for the abovementioned purpose. The authentication of the electronic cards shall be performed in real time through the verification within the Bank system.

During the transaction, vitana.mk shall not have any insight in the number, date, validity or safety code of your payment card, nor shall it have access to any information related to your bank account.

The user’s responsibility is to provide secrecy of the user name and user password and the software and antivirus protection of the device used for electronic payment. By registering on the internet website, the user confirms that they are at the age of majority, capable and authorized to perform transactions.

Product distribution policy

This Policy refers to the delivery of electronically ordered products. The products shall be shipped through our specialized delivery partners to the stated delivery address.

The timeline for product delivery is between 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM each day, except Sundays and nonworking days.

The delivery time is 1-3 workdays, from the realization of the order on our internet address, to the address stated at order completion. Please make sure that you have entered the correct delivery address.

In the event the Buyer is not available at the stated address at the moment of delivery, they will be contacted on the telephone number entered at the order.

The product shipment expenditures, except for shipment higher than certain amount when the delivery is free, shall be included in the total order expenditures and shall be calculated according to the chart below.


Order amount

Delivery expenditure

under 1,000 MKD

100 MKD

from 1,000 to 2,000 MKD

60 MKD

above 2,000 MKD


The delivery fee is valid for territory of Republic of North Macedonia. For further information or problems related to the delivery please contact us from Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM on the telephone number 02 / 60 90 530 or our e-mail address: contact@vitana.mk.

Claims policy and refund upon payment card transaction


The products may be replaced only pursuant the conditions anticipated in the Law on Customer Protection.

In such event, only after return of the product by the customer to the manufacturer, irrespective of the reason, VITANA Trejd is obliged to refund the assets at the realized payment bank account, hence, upon request of the seller the Bank will refund the assets to the card user account.

Cookies policy


We use these technologies in order to administer our Internet website, to analyze trends, to follow the users’ activities so as to provide personalized promotional messages and advertisements. The first time you access vitana.mk you might receive a message notifying you that we use “cookies”. By clicking “I agree”, closing the pop-up window or continuing to use the website you state that you have understood and agreed to the utilization of these technologies, clarified in this Cookies Policy. It is not mandatory to accept the cookies and the agreement to use them can be cancelled any time. The settings of your browser can be altered in order to limit or forbid cookies and you can delete them from any device at any time. If you do not agree or you delete the cookies, some parts of our website you access may not function well or may need more time to open.

Setting a blog


Blogs with information for our users are posted on our Internet website. The blogs can contain authorial texts property of VITANA Trejd DOOEL Skopje, texts copied from other internet websites permitted to be copied stating the authorship or submitted written material by our users/cooperators.

In the event of submission of your written material (in an e-mail message sent to our server or through our internet websites/social networks) you acknowledge publishing of the material.

By submitting the material to us, you agree vitana.mk to publish it – without any liability – and to use its contents (partially or completely) stating your authorship. By submitting such material to us, you agree that the material or its contents shall not violate the personal intellectual proprietary or other rights to any third parties which shall not instigate any court procedures against VITANA Trejd DOOEL Skopje regarding those rights, shall not submit any requests or complaints and if any third party submits a complaint against VITANA Trejd DOOEL Skopje, you shall completely refund the accrued expenditures to VITANA Trejd DOOEL Skopje.

Final words


Dear users of the VITANA Trejd DOOEL Skopje products and services and the internet website vitana.mk, we would like to thank you for your trust and utilization of our products and services.

We candidly hope we will justify your trust, and we commit to be devoted to continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services.


The team of VITANA Trejd DOOEL Skopje